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Jiangsu Xuzhou Shennong Chemicals Co.,Ltd is a Company which is gathered the production, science research , trade in the share system company of the integral whole.
Company has established the perfect quality guarantee System ISO9001 equipped with all the first-class necessary detective apparatus, we also have modern and advanced prediction equipments technology.
Our company attaches importance to manufacture and exploiture of high-tech products. There is a surfactant research institute which is composed of a number of sections for synthetics research, formulation application, analysis and test, industrial scaling and a multi-purpose pilot workshop. Several professional technicians are engaged in research and discover and after-sale service. The perfect product in day sale network overlays the whole country, and export Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, South Africa, South America...etc. The product quantity attains the international standard.
Presently our main products in JIANGSU XUZHOU SHENNONG CHEMICALS CO.,LTD. Are: Metaldehyde Tech 99% Min ,Metaldehyde 80%WP,6%GR ,20%SC; Thiabendazole Tech 99% Min,50%SC,20%SL , 50%WP ; Linuron Tech 97% Min ,Linuron 50%WP,45%SC ; Diuron 97% Tc,80WP; Carbaryl Tech 99% Min, 85%WP;Cartap Tech 98% Min, Cartap 4%GR; Fenamiphos Tech 93%% Min,Fenamiphos 10%GR, 40%EC ; Fosthiazate 90%Tc, Fosthiazate 10%GR;Niclosamide. 97% Tech,70%WP,25%EC; Ethoprophos 95%Tech,10%GR,60%EC;Carbofuran 97% Tc,5%GR,10%GR,48%SC, 35%SC; Carbosulfan 90%Tc,25%EC; Cypermethrine Tc,Lambdacylothrine Tc, Cypermethrine + Lambdacylothrine 4.8%EC, Acephate, Thiamethoxam, 25%WDG; Imidacloprid+Fenpropathrin 40%EC; Fipronil; Fenpyroximate 95%Tech , Fenpyroximate 5%SC; Tolclofos-methyl 95%Tech , Tolclofos-methyl 50%WP ; Temephos 90%Tech ,Temephos 1%GR; etc.
Our company arouses one's all efforts to make the country prosperous.our company is becoming a precursor and multipolar-corporation gathered "science, industry abroad on the principle of sincere cooperation and biding by credit, trade" together, whose tenet is normative production administration, flexible vendition system, high-class production quality and good after-sale service. We provide technical services to our clients at home and abroad on the principle of sincere cooperation and biding by credit.
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